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Accommodation Bucharest and accommodation Romania

Accommodation Bucharest and

accommodation Romania for tourists

Local tourism is growing day by day. Both, urban tourism and rural tourism, and tourism resorts in Romania already established such as eg seaside resorts: Mamaia North, Mamaia, Constanta, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Costinesti – a state especially coming young, Neptun-Olimp, Venus and Jupiter-Cap Aurora, Mangalia and Saturn, 2 Mai and Vama Veche. Other deals on the Black Sea also found in Navodari and Gura Portitei. Navodari resort is the northernmost resort, located on the southern shore of Lake Tasaul, a freshwater lake separated from the sea. Deals began to be increasingly varied and more consistent.

Also in the Black Sea resort but not necessarily a beach, but not a simple beach Corbu is the newest place where you can relax after long hours of work. It is an arranged beach on the Romanian coast, located within walking distance of Mamaia and Navodari south and north of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservevation. Corbu Beach is a secluded beach, wild and pristine, fine sand is mixed with shells and snails in places, the water is clean, the beach is the favorite of tourists who seek an oasis of tranquility and recreation with tranquility and without music, without clubs and beach parties, the only sound being the waves heard here. In the northernmost point of the country you will find accommodation on the Danube Delta, perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Romania. Find accommodation to people living in the area or in different hostels that were built here. We will present several deals right on this page.

Diversified and possibilities of visiting various tourist attractions in the North East of the country find in the many and beautiful monasteries in Moldavia and Bucovina area. In this area you will find a wide range of deals on hostels, hotels, motels, and from individuals or accommodation on the area presented above or in the Bucharest. This page will be refreshed with deals in Moldavia, Bukovina, Transylvania, Maramures, Banat and also Muntenia, Oltenia and Dobrogea.

Bucharest City has a variety of attractions that can be visited of which we mention a few: Parliament Palace, Cotroceni Palace, the National Museum Village – Dimitrie Gusti, MTR Romanian Peasant Museum, National History Museum, Athenaeum, Arc de Triomphe, the Cismigiu Park, etc. and at small distance Draganescu  church in the South East of the city, the church itself was painted by the father Arsenie Boca, who although not canonized as a saint is holy to Transylvania and to all Romanians, and in the North East of Bucharest immediate exit you can found Mogosoaia Palace, the palace which was built in Brancoveanu style / Wallachian during the Ruler Constantin Brancoveanu. In Bucharest they were built a variety of guesthouses and hotels, and the offer includes the possibility to stay at hotels or hostels from 2 stars, 3 stars,

Capitol Hotel, hotel accommodation on the center of the Bucharest

Capitol Hotel, hotel accommodation on the center of the Bucharest

4 stars at Hotel Continental and ending with 5-star hotels such as Capsa House located even in the city center and with great architecture and history and Marriott as a modern and stylish hotel that offers all the comforts that you can like it. Besides the above hotels in Bucharest You can find accommodation at hostels, hostels, private accommodation and short term rental.

Accommodation at Capsa House 5 stars, in the center of the Bucharest

Accommodation at Capsa House 5 stars, in the center of the Bucharest

If you wish, by paying of a fee we can find the best hotel accommodation deals in Bucharest for you! We have offers for car rental and we can make a plan to visit the most beautiful sights in the city. All for you to save money and time!

Besides the above mentioned attractions that can be visited by tourist are other areas in the country and in other historical areas that can be seen in: Wallachia, Transylvania, Banat and Maramures, such as Sinaia, teach, Brasov – Black Church in Brasov city, top Tampa – panoramic view Brasov, Fagaras – Fagaras Fortress, Transfagarasanul – Balea Lake – Balea Cottage, Hunedoara – Fortress of Iancu of Hunedoara, Deva – the city of Deva, Brad – The Gold Museum (the only one museum in Europe and among the only 3 worldwide), Sacaramb – that place at a height of 800 m find that ozone air at a height of 3,000 m, and many other cities and landmarks. Deals for accommodation are diversified, for all tastes and all budgets. In Deva you can find acomodation at President Guesthouse, bed and breakfast that offers accommodation at a 5 star location. In the city you can find deals and more  Modest locations both in terms of accommodation as prices.

At the end of the Cincis lake tail, in the county of Hunedoara you cand find the Magic guesthouse, a guest house that is built in the style of the guesthouses from Austria. The Guesthouse that has 3 stars but offer accommodation as a 4-star guesthouse.

Accommodation Bucharest and accommodation Romania.

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