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Accommodation on country at hotels, guest houses, cottages

Accommodation Romania at: hotels, guest houses, cottages

Accommodation on country hotels, guest houses, cottages. Hunedoara County, somewhere between Brad City and Deva City - Photo with copyright.

Accommodation on country hotels, guest houses, cottages. Hunedoara County,
somewhere between Brad City and Deva City – Photo with copyright.

Romania has almost all forms of relief in the world. In the country you can find mountains, gorges, passes through mountains, glacial lakes, reservoirs and lakes plain, mineral and thermal waters at Geoagiu, Herculane or Baile Felix, plateaus, hills, valleys and plains with the best ground in Europe, called black earth soil, after Bessarabia (current state Moldova, which is a former province which was part of Romania), mud volcanoes, caves, underground glaciers (the largest in the world) caves, and stone sphinx, sea, sea bays, delta (Danube Delta), big river like Danube, rivers like Olt or Mures, plains Baragan in south and Panonic plain in the West, and mountain rivers, waterfalls and caves, the largest areas of virgin forests in Europe, paranormal phenomena difficult to explain by the scientists.

This whole tourist and recreational potential has been exploited over time by different people, by building resorts and the possibility of spending a nice time, by companies or even by individuals, you could get, for a fee, to be accommodated in hotels of 5-star, 4 star hotels, 3 star hotels or 2-star hotels, guesthouses 4 stars, 3 stars pensions or motels and cabins in the mountains and mountain huts look. In the mountains of our country you can find marked trails, which greatly facilitates orientation of visitors. In villages and small towns just outside the tourism people have developed agritourism. Especially in areas of Maramures, Bukovina and Danube Delta, or even in parts of Transylvania (Hunedoara county, Padureni Held) you can eat natural food produced in the peasant households. Travelers have the opportunity to discover the natural beauties and riches of Romania, and also have the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility and fresh air. Some places in the country offers the possibility to rent bikes or perform various sporting activities outside.

Some of the accommodation possibilities in Delta Dunarii / Danube Delta, Romania at: hotels, guest houses, cottages

Pension Nufarul Galben (Yellow Lily) – your host in Delta.
“Nufarul Galben Pension from Murighiol awaits you in to the wonderful landscape of the Danube Delta to spend your holidays, trips or weekends in a natural environment to the highest standards of comfort.
Accommodation at Pension in Murghiol, Danube Delta (Delta Dunarii).”
information source – translate in English from Romanian

Pension Dunarea Veche (Pension Old Danube) – discover the delta at home!
“Delta, the youngest Romanian soil is a vast natural environment that focuses all plant species-lake of Europe, as well as a varied and rich fauna. Also called Paradise fish and birds, Delta is the most important stopover for migratory birds traveling between tropical and the Arctic region.

Delta is an exotic land with over 1830 species of trees and plants, over 2440 species of insects, 91 species of mollusks, 11 species of reptiles, 10 species of amphibians, 320 species of birds and 44 species of mammals, many of them being unique species and natural monuments.
In its waters live 133 species of fish, which are an important source of food for birds and aquatic mammals such an important scientific and economic resource.

Mila 23 (Mile 23) is a village in the north of the county of Tulcea, the Danube Delta, 53 km from Tulcea, on the Old Danube, which fall to the left of the arm leading to Sulina, about halfway between Tulcea and the Black Sea. It is accessible only by water.

The name comes from Mila 23 (Mile 23) nautical mile zone that was allocated, marking the distance to the old branch Sulina.
Mila 23 (Mile 23) village, typical fishing village, is only lippovan which was founded in Delta at the end of the last century and that, despite numerous floods (the time when the town did not have a protective dike), knew to keep its charm archaic, offering authentic picture today in the picturesque fishing villages and a way of life unchanged for centuries.

Being situated in the heart of the Delta, Mila 23 (Mile 23) is surrounded by a multitude of places with charming landscapes, and lakes Lideanca, Roots, Three mountain lakes, Bodaproste, Matita, Babina, Nebunu and Fortuna or Sontea channels, Eracle, Olguta Lopatna and places that represent “home” for thousands of pelicans, swans and egrets.”
information source – translate in English from Romanian

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