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Amber from Alunis Colti, Buzau county

Chihlimbar din Buzau / Amber from Buzau photo credit:

Chihlimbar din Buzau / Amber from Buzau photo credit:

The first information from Alunis-Colti about amber dating from the first century BC

The first information from Alunis-Colti about amber dating from the first century BC, when our ancestors The Geto-Dacians were using the noble stone for ornaments and jewelry. Alunis-Colti village, Buzau county it is a place full of legends, where the time seems not flowing normally, almost like a fairytale time. Luana says a legend, was a creature of a divine beauty, from heaven in a chariot of fire, fell in love with an earthling and stayed with him in the mountains.

People did their princess

But her boyfriend discovered where the sky and started a deadly war against the humans. Luana advised the fighters to hide in the rocks. Since then remained prehistoric dwellings carved into the rock. Another version says Luana have Golden Fleece Sheep and enemies wanted to steal, but the sun collapsed, buried it in the ground, her body turning into amber.

Science never knocked down myths of cursed stone.
They are kept today. It is said that amber was first magic stone. Then they attributed healing powers. And necessarily carries a curse. The revealing from where collected gem will no longer doomed to never find. Therefore people looking for dodging each other.

After every rain or when snow starts melting when the banks are broken or falling pieces of rocks, or go into the valleys backwater to lump,the villagers randomly finds the valuable amber stones. There is no house to miss even a piece of raw amber. The amber found by peasants in fact it is a fossil resin derived from pine species, formed over thousands of years.

Buzau amber, it has the color yellow fascinating honey, brown-red or green-black and high purity, translucent or opaque is famous around the world.

Stalin and Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain held pieces of amber from Romania, Alunis-Colti villages, Buzau county. From Colti village comes a piece extremely rare, perhaps unique in the world, an ant enclosed in a grain of amber, that has thousands of years of history.
The enthusiasts looking for today is evidence that the cave settlements are linked in one way or another amber and ancient civilizations that have survived in this region. The archaeologists could not deciphered the Geto-Dacian tablets from Policiori place or the writings from Broscaru place.

For clerics the things are clear: the hermitages ,hermits caves are operational and are monastic settlements of a historical and cultural unmatched value. The north rim is called the cradle of Christianity or otherwise “Romanian Athos”. The hermitage from Alunis, is the most visited of all, it works as a church for over 700 years and it was hewn in stone in the years of 1274-1275.

The legend has it that ,there were two shepherds living ,Vlad and Simeon and one of them was dreaming to look into the rock until he find an icon, and if he discover the icon,should dig the stone church. On the inner walls of the Pestera hermitage cave are drawn short swords called “akinokes” specific Scythians, a Geto-Dacian tribe. The scientists believes that the incisions in rock inside of the hermitage cave are dating from 2000 BC. and are unique in Europe.
Enjoy the beautiful legend of the Romanian Amber county!

Amber from Carpathians corner / Chihlimbarul din Coltul Carpatilor

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