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Architecture Building Kiseleff Street and Victoria Avenue

Architecture Building Kiseleff Street

and Victoria Avenue – Bucharest

The houses and monuments on the Kiseleff street, the story of the people who built them and the important moments spent on this street.

House on Kiseleff Street - Architecture Building Kiseleff Street and Victoria Avenue

House on Kiseleff Street – Architecture Building Kiseleff Street and Victoria Avenue

The period of Russian occupation of the Romanian Principalities Moldova and Romanian Country, 1828-1834, is linked to the name of a Russian general “the only beautiful gift that Bucharest owes to Russia” (Paul Morand, Bucharest) D. Count Pavel Kiselev. Tasked with the administrative reorganization of the Principalities, Kiselev – “a great administrator, a free spirit and a great character” – Organic Regulation introduced a kind of constitution that has contributed to all major structural changes in social, economic, administrative and political.

Kiseleff street is the street that on February 8, 1859, the last Ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza, when entered in Bucharest and on May 10, 1866. The name of the road is tied up and “Chocolate Capsa”. Few people know, but in November 1893 on sale “chocolate Capsa” which was produced by a prescription laboratory Capsa House firm on Kiseleff.

The houses, monuments and besides that we move and which we are most representative stories in terms of architecture for the road: Museum of Natural History “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Geology, Romanian Peasant Museum, School No 11 (1900) Mavrogheni Healing Spring Church History Institute, “Nicolae Iorga” Kiselev Park, Buffet road, the Russian Embassy, ​​Toma Stelian Museum, Crown Prince Palace Hotel Triumph, the Arc de Triomphe, the Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti “Elisabeta Palace, Herastrau Park and Casin Church.

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