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BarsanArt wood carving. Handmade sculpture in wood.

Poarta-MaramuHandmade sculpture in wood, BarsanArt – wood carving

Workshop wood sculpture, commissioned several works, such as sculptures, various handicraft items, Maramures gates, cruise and carved crucifixes, wooden churches or even traditional wooden houses. BarsanArt wood carving. Handmade sculpture in wood.
You can visit  Barsana village, Maramures County.

Wood sculpture made by a folk artist is perhaps the most authentic way to express the feelings of a soul, not a stone but a soulless wood, which is alive, up to the time of slaughter. BarsanArt – we give life to wood.

Who are they?

They are a team, father and son craftsmen, specialized in carving wood sculptures that take soul on Maramures, over centuries, in the country and abroad.

What can they make?

They can  make  the wood  alive, working rare  beauty and value, authentic art Maramures wood sculpture, as  evidenced by the many orders honored at home and abroad, whether it was the churches (churches in Maramures style), religious objects carved wood (carved crucifixes, crosses carved wooden pews carved wooden iconostasis) whether it was public works (you can of Maramures, interior rustic restaurants, pensions planning, towers, swings, wooden decks) whether it was about art objects of wood (handcrafts unique).

Romanian traditional art is authentic art sculpture in wood. Therefore, whenever talking about the Romanian tradition, they talk about sculpture Maramures, which is full of religious symbols, being either a carved wooden gate, Maramures, a carved iconostasis, or a famous churche of Maramures.

With vast experience and many sculptures made in wood, we offer authentic art Maramures, right in the heart of Maramures, the Iza Valley, in Barsana village, famous for Barsana Monastery, a genuine masterpiece of sculpture Maramures.
BarsanArt wood carving. Handmade sculpture in wood. Website of the company, website in Romanian.

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