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Bitdefender GravityZone, Advanced protection against threats, the best performance

Bitdefender GravityZone, Advanced protection against threats, the best performance for physical and virtual systems, single console for managing end-to-end

Bitdefender Romanian Antivirus - Logo

Bitdefender Romanian Antivirus – Logo

Bitdefender a Romanian Antivirus Solution for Companies or for Home Users. The best Romanian Antivirus WorldWide.


Bitdefender antivirus Application

Join millions of users worldwide who trust Bitdefender to protect computers, data and identity attacks. Bitdefender antivirus protection solutions provide interactive, next-generation electronic counter threats, including online banking transactions related attacks.

Compare our products and learn how you can enjoy advanced protection and rich features, including anti-theft device functions, firewall, parental control functions, online storage and synchronization, protection of social networks and more! Whether you are novice or expert computer user, parent or player, choose your antivirus protection that’s right for you!


Unmatched Security
“device lets immaculate”
CEO Andreas Marx | AV-TEST | January 2014

Make banking transactions online without worrying

Make online transactions from a single browser, dedicated, that protects you against fraudulent accounts. Bitdefender Safepay ™ can now automatically fill in the fields credit card details for payment.


Active Virus Control

Active Virus Control is a proactive and dynamic detection technology. This behavior monitor processes in real time while they are running, and indicate suspicious activity.


Secure Environment

If cyber threats, such as rootkits, can not be deleted from the Windows operating system, the computer will be restarted “Rescue mode” – a safe environment that is used to clean and restore the computer.


Fast vulnerability scanner function

With one click, vulnerability scanning function automatically alerts if there had not been updated or if it is missing software, if installed all Windows security patches, and if there evetuale unsafe system settings.


Report enhanced security

Show general state security last week, and the total issues addressed by Bitdefender installation. It includes free space, optimized applications and storage space available.


Assistant enhanced security

It allows you to follow all security related activities and in addition, it enables you to use drag and drop option for a quick scan files directly from your desktop!


Online control panel

MyBitdefender provides fast online access to your Bitdefender software locally, allowing for scans and checks the security status for each device, or easy access extension services support center.


Remote Administration

Remote Scan and fix security issues on all devices protected using MyBitdefender.


Bitdefender USB Immunizer

Protects the flash memory when connected to computer viruses, so you should not worry about the USB stick that could infect the computers of friends.


Best Protection. Zero Impact On Performance.

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Best Protection. 4 Years Straight.

(on a scale of 0 to 6 and 6 being the highest protection)

Bitdefender 5.9 – Kaspersky 5.8 – Norton 5.6 – Intel (McAfee) 4.8
Average Overall Score for Protection. Jan 2011 – Jan 2015. AV-TEST. Home User.

Best Performance. 2 Years Straight.

(on a scale of 0 to 6 and 6 being the lowest impact)

Bitdefender 5.6 – Kaspersky 5.5 – Norton 4.6 – Intel (McAfee) 4.4
Average Overall Score for Performance. Jan 2011 – Jan 2015. AV-TEST. Home User.

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