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Bucharest Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum – Legend homes

Bucharest Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum – Legend homes grouped by historical region: Transylvania, Banat, Muntenia, Oltenia, Dobrogea and Moldova

Bucharest Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum – Legend homes grouped by historical region: Transylvania, Banat, Muntenia, Oltenia, Dobrogea and Moldova

Bucharest Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum - Inside look from a Transylvanian household

Bucharest Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum – Inside look from a Transylvanian household


1. Household Campani, Bihor County, XIX century
2. Household Moiseni, Satu Mare, 1876
3. Household Sant, Bistrita Nasaud, 1876
4. Ieud Household, Maramures County 1890
5. Household Bancu, Harghita county, 1862
6. Household Dumitra, Alba, XIX century
7. Turea Church, Cluj, XVIII century
8. Household Campu lui Neag, Hunedoara county, 1800
9. Dragomiresti Church, Maramures, 1722
10. Household Berbesti, Maramures, 1775
11. Household Surdesti, Maramures County, XVIII century
12. Stana, Sugag, Alba, XX century
13. Household Cherelus, Arad, XVIII century
14. Casa Tilisca, Sibiu County, XIX century
15. Trinity Rasinari, Sibiu County, XIX century
16. Household Salciua of Jos, Alba, 1815
17. forge Varzari, Bihor county, 1905
18 House Serela, Hunedoara county, XX century
19. Household Clopotiva, Hunedoara county, XX century
20. Household Dragus, Brasov County, XIX century
21. Move Metes Lodge, Alba, XX century
22. Household Lazesti, Alba, XIX century
23. Casa Saschiz, Mures County, XVIII century
24. Stauri polygonal Gradistea, Hunedoara County, XIX century
25. Stauri annular Sugag, Alba, XX century
26. Press Mesendorf, Brasov county, 1867
27. Press Campani, Bihor County, XIX century
28. Shopping for rugs buried Gura River, Sibiu County, XIX century
29. Piua Gura River, Sibiu County, XIX century
30. basket pulled the rug yarn Gura River, Sibiu County, XIX century
31. Press for oil Gura River, Sibiu County, XIX century
32. Press sheath, Bistrita Nasaud, 1793
33. Little Valley-oil mills Zlatna, Alba County, XIX century
34. Piua Fenes, Alba, XIX century
35. Stemp gold Bucium, Alba, XIX century
26. Press Romosel, Hunedoara county, 1921


37. Household Borlova, Caras Severin county, XIX century
38. Household Sarbova, Timis, 1821
39. Water Mill Teregova, Caras-Severin, XIX century
40. Oiua Borlova, Caras-Severin, XIX century


41. Household Stanesti, Arges County, XIX century
42. Household Rusetu, Vrancea county, XX century
43. Casa Chiojdu-Mic, Buzau, XVIII century
44. Household Traisteni, Prahova County, XIX century
45. Trinity Feteni, Valcea, 1860
46. ​​Han Campina, Prahova, XIX century
47. Greeks inherited cellar, Arges County, XIX century
48. Household Suici, Arges County, XX century


49. Timiseni Church, Gorj, 1773
50. Household Maldarasti-Barzoteni, Valcea, 1812
51. Household Curtisoara, Gorj County, XIX century
52. Household Goicea, Dolj County, XIX century
53. Bordei Draghiceni, Olt County, XIX century
54. Bordei Castranova, Dolj County, XIX century
55. Water Mill {; avisevita, Mehedinti County, XIX century
56. Fountain with horses Ladesti, Valcea County, XIX century
57. pottery Horezu, Valcea County, XIX century
58. Casa Ticleni, Gorj County, XIX century
59. Casa Beuran, Gorj County, XIX century


60. Household Jurilitca, Tulcea, 1898
61. Household Ostrov, Constanta County, XIX century
62. Windmill Sarichioi, Tulcea county, XIX century
63. Jurilovca wind indicator, Tulcea county, XIX century
64. Windmill Enisala, Tulcea county, XIX century
65. building (and small business) located in the vicinity of a water and for receiving, sorting, preparation and temporary storage of fish caught in the Jurilovca. Tulcea county, 1929 (restored in 2005)
66. Sopron fishing boats, Tulcea county, XIX century
67. Windmill Valley Nucarilor, Tulcea county, XIX century


68. Casa Nereju Mic Vrancea County, XIX century
69. Casa Naruja, Vrancea County, XIX century
70. Big House Maple, Vrancea county, XVIII century
71. Household Courtiers county Vals seventeenth century
72. Casa Zapodeni, Vaslui county, XVII century
73. CPAR Church, Neamt, 1773
74. wooden swing (or building with several swings attached to the same frame) that wobbles or spins in a circle, serving as a means of entertainment Zapodeni, Vaslui County, XX century
75. Casa Dambroveni, Suceava County, XIX century
76. Bordei CPAR, Neamt County, XIX century
77. Household Mastacan, Neamt County, XIX century
78. Piatra Neamt House, Neamt County, XIX century
79. Household Audia, Neamt County, XIX century
80. Household Fundu Moldova, Suceava County, XIX century
81. Household Voitinel, Suceava county, XVIII century
82. House Straja, Suceava county, XVIII century
83. Casa Soveja, Vrancea county, XX century
84. Hardware Botus, Suceava county, XX century
85. Carousel Bacau, Bacau County, XX century

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