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Bucharest Festival Ion Luca Caragiale

Bucharest Festival Ion Luca Caragiale

Poster in the center of the Bucharest for the promotion of the Ion Luca Caragiale Festival.

Poster in the center of the Bucharest for the promotion of the Ion Luca Caragiale Festival.

Why a Festival “Bucharest Caragiale”?

What differs from other similar events?

The Romanian capital is undoubtedly a city endowed and equipped enough to support the performing arts throughout the year. However, entering theaters for three months, from June to September, a prolonged vacation, undeserved long in terms of citizens.


What the citizens of capital city wants?

In summer, during the day, in Bucharest, temperatures are hot. In the evening, when the weather turns cooler, many of the two million people would want to leave the house. Besides the usual terraces and parks, many people would like to watch a play or a free cultural show. We believe that art “is tasting” like an old wine, before becoming indispensable nourishment for the soul and for the welfare of each of us. You therefore eagerly invited to taste of sparkling theatrical production of the fourth edition of the Festival “Caragiale Bucharest”.


What will executives theaters?

This festival looks like somehow friendly soccer tournaments, you play along with the big teams of junior or lowly, because great coaches to “hunt” young talents. Sacred Monsters and famous actors, plays with students or young graduates also give footballers example, that’s the experience would be combined with the desire to play only those who have mastered the art of theatrical performances.

From the “Control Tower” festival “Caragiale Bucharest”, directors of large theaters, famous directors, actors and famous, watching the game with less experience, and the audience reaction. Mihai Mălaimare , Maia Morgenstern, George Ivaşcu, George Mihăiţă, Gelu Colceag and other scout watching the shows and share them permanent, their younger colleagues from their vast experience. Both applause and criticism expressed in the Forum section of the site will be considered for improving the quality of the performances presented. It is a section that we always recommend to employers, impresarios, partners and sponsors.


What contribution theaters?

Summer season closes around June 15 and reopen on 1 October. Magazines are full of scenery, props, spotlights, speakers, audio amplifiers and everything is sceno-technique behind the curtain. Someone had the idea that these materials will not sit idle over the summer, but be removed and used to the delight of the audience more passionate about art, located on the streets of Bucharest in the hot summer evenings.

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