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Circus Park or Tonola Park in Bucharest

Circus Park or Tonola Park in Bucharest – some information

The Circus Park located in the District 2 of Bucharest, takes its name from the Bucharest State Circus. In the immediate vicinity, there is the Circus itself, which is also known as Globus. The architect Donose Valentin was the one who arranged the former “pit Tonola”, so that is why the park is also known as “Tonola Park”. It was set up in 1961 on an area of ​​26 ha. In the park you can see a lacquer that is called “Lake natural springs”. It has a roughly round shape in plan and an area of ​​approximately 0.75 hectares. The Egyptian Lotus grows on the water’s edge, which is also known under the Latin name of Nymphaea lotus. The flower is a natural monument since 1931. During summer the flower, with large leaves and colorful flowers, stretches across the water surface.

Water Egyptian Lotus in the Circus Park in Bucharest, Distrikt 2, Romania, flower is a natural monument. Circus Park or Tonola Park in Bucharest.

Water Egyptian Lotus in the Circus Park in Romania, District 2, Bucharest. The flower is a natural monument. Circus Park or Tonola Park in Bucharest.


It grows in various parts of East Africa and Southeast Asia. Nymphaea lotus f. thermalis is a variety endemic to the thermal water of the Peţa River in the Bihor County, Transylvania, Romania, in Europe.


It was introduced into western cultivation in 1802 by Loddiges Nursery. Eduard Ortgies crossed Nymphaea lotus (N. dentata) with Nymphaea pubescens (N. rubra) to produce the first Nymphaea hybrid, illustrated in Flore des serres 8 t. 775, 776 under the name Nymphaea ortgiesiano-rubra. It is a popular ornamental aquatic plant in Venezuela.”
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In the Circus Park lake there is another attraction of it, namely the European water turtle which is also known under the Latin name of Emys orbicularis. Nobody knows when she arrived in the lake, or how, the fact is that they multiplied considerably, which makes us think that this is a propitious environment for them. The last time the water level in the park decreased and, unfortunately, the local flora and fauna, fishes, frogs marsh boast turtles, ducks, pigeons, sparrows, reed marsh and others may be at risk. The reasons that led to this state of affairs are presumed to be clogging the lake with clay and waste or the difficult access to the groundwater. The Herpetofauna is also represented by three species of amphibians and reptiles.

The park is organized on lawns, that are arranged in a semicircle surrounding the lake and allowing visitors circulation around it. Inside the park there are concrete walkways, these paths allowing walks in the park through a diverse and rich vegetation, these rides can see rare species of trees, among which can be listed Ginkgo Biloba trees, Plane trees, Cypresses, Paulownia tree, Magnolia trees, Lime trees. The park is graced with some sculptures made in the trunks of trees and dry shrubs. The sculptures were made by the artist C. Teodorescu.

Movie Circus Park or Tonola Park in Bucharest – in the Springtime.

Recently, the irrigation system was rebuilt, which made the park’s flora to maintain itself in acceptable conditions. There were planted a total of 20,000 trees and shrubs. The official administrator of this park took care of the alleys recovery and modernization of public lighting. The total amount invested in the fleet modernization by the City Hall was significant.

A brief history of Circus Park or Tonola Park  tells us that this park was arranged in the place of the former “Pit Tonola”, which makes the park to be known as “Tonola Park”. It was a hole by digging clay for carabima factory founded in 1865 by Max Tonola (was born on April 26, 1830 in Ingolstadt Bayern and died on July 31, 1885, he is buried in the Catholic Bellu Cemetery in Bucharest). The factory has been operating up before WWII.

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