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Daniel Les is one of the most famous potter handmade worker in Romania

Daniel Les is one of the most famous potter handmade worker in Romania

Les Daniel - The Potter's House - Daniel Les is one of the most famous potter handmade worker in Romania

Les Daniel – The Potter’s House – Daniel Les is one of the most famous potter handmade worker in Romania

Potter handmade worker in Romania Daniel Les is one of the most famous, born in historical  Maramures from true Romanian roots. His famous nickname is “the last free Dacian”, he was  called like this because of his long hair and the beard how the ancient Dacians wearing few  millenium years ago, They called him “the last free Dacian” but this is really funny because most of the Romanians have the same attitude like Geto-Dacians. They are so many free Geto-Dacians in Romania who find themselves in this calling besides Maramures, in  other areas   as  Oltenia, Moldova, Bukovina, Muntenia, and so on.

Why free Dacian?

Because of his willing to live free, doing what he wants, without limits, giving life to his dreams and to his creation of burned clay, living like his ancestors doing before in the hearth ordinances of the primordial Romanian Village. He considers himself free ’cause making by hand his pottery at home, in his workshop, giving life to unlimited stories close to children, this teaches them to love the creation and the earth and the water from what we are made.
The stories of Daniel surround the entire world, people who buy his crafts, pottery and burned
clay statues, from Europe to Asia, from USA to Australia, make them feel his wonderful passion
transformed in the greatest artwork. His secret is that he puts all his love besides the love of his ancestors, considering himself the apprentice of them, a peasant who didn’t forget his millenary roots.

The greatest thing in the world is the simplest, working with your hands is the primordial trade secret, which makes you travel in time, back and forth, without limits.
That’s the reason he has his own making pottery workshop for children where he teaches them to live like in fairy tales, eating bio peasant soup in a pot, dishes served in clay bowls with wooden spoons at the candle light or chimney, campfire, fireplace or stove.
This connection with the past time shows that the clays shape or process it’s easier than the human being, even God said to Jeremiah ” – How the clay it’s in my hand, you are the same”, this showing us the nonexistence of perfection, and the man or clay shaping steps.
The time is the key of Genessis, is the only immortal, God through time polishing the man and
the clay, passed the fire test and look what nice Lord combines the time, water, the earth and fire
to reach perfection.

From Genessis back to Daniel and his artworks that tells us how the clay comes up from 4 meters depth it’s smashed, trampled, grounded, one year long, raining on, frozing, thawing, then clay burned in the stove becoming masterpieces.
This is the legacy left us from our Geto-Dacians ancestors, the technique, tradition, the handling, ritual, continuity, kept from father to son, through millenary time showing appreciation, respect, for father, grandfather, grand grandfather, deep in time.
Dacian technique from historical Maramures told us about the link of local people with nature, nature being human and human being nature, that way finding naturally occurring plant pigments, beeswax, the link with the nature being sacred.

Dacian technique is the most healthy in the world even they work with earth, clay, wood, leather, fur, wool, plant pigments, animals, as farmers, doing this with joy, respecting the nature, the nature rewarding them back.
The Geto-Dacian, rituals and continuity we retrieve in the holiday traditions making sponge cake, cutting the pig, boiling country brandy from locally fruits, working the land with hands, mowing grass manually, in the houses older then 2000 years, in traditional weddings and in wearing the traditional shirt called IE, inherited from grandfather, grand grandfather, few hundred years old

You can find his artworks at

Address: Str. Luncii nr.1, CP 435100, Baia Sprie, Maramures, Romania
Mail: rezervari(at);
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Phone: +40 723 856 109; +40 729 047 429;
+40 262 215 306; +40 262 261 871
Contact Name: Les Daniel

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