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Fabulous Romanian brains who changed the World

Fabulous Romanian brains who changed the World

Fabulous Romanian brains who changed the World - Henry Coanda

Fabulous Romanian brains who changed the World – Henry Coanda – photo source:

The most important gift what the people got from God when the man was made is the brain, which is the most important weapon, can put you down or rise you up as human being.

As a Nation the most important resource of a country it’s their own population, the native intelligence, the education, the parental morality got in first 7 years of children living. The Nation surviving through millenary time with the saint tradition got from ancestors. Romanian Nation has a rich legacy left from the ancient precursors, Pelasgians-Tracian- Geto-Dacian,while the nation survives thanks to the sacred ancestral heritage. The sacred brain legacy of Romanians,you may fiind till now in our times,many children starting about 4 years old,can handling break a secret code of Nasa,Secret Service or Media Press which speaks bad about Romanian people & civilisation,because of the native intelligence.

The young generations getting prize in the Olimpics contests around the world for their inventions or  amazing results obtained because the genius, blinking mind which they get birth .
The brain movement of young generations comes from prehistoric Zamolxian knowledge wich takes care first of the soul and after makes the synchronization with mind together; few millennia B.C. Ancient Universities like Hestia Vesta ( today Dobrogea county ) teaches the children, trained the kids, practically the future do do as well.

The inventivity comes natural on this blessed territory and the inventiveness brought the fame of Romanian brain,as Strabo, Dio Cassius, Ptomeleus, Ovidius wrote about the Geto-Dacian , Danubian culture, people very connected with the native earth and their sacred traditions kept about 7th millennia until our times.

Inside of Carphatian arch was the Sacral Temple of Pelasgian-Geto-Dacian, the place where the Nation, cry, pray and get the refreshment to go ahead, forward in history, keeping the same territorial footprint through danger and harsh times.

The tradition was kept in a safe mood because of the continuity of the Romanian nation in the children education. Just the truth helps you to send ahead the tradition,only an educated man can keep the truth and tradition of a people, of a nation as well.

Starting from old times the human being is trying to learn to gets better life, as well the people till now makes improvements to the old inventions or inventing new ones.
Romania has the great number of inventors along history,even if sounds funny for people who didn’t learn about,or not for us who always try to be well informed. We try to bring in your attention some of theme, I wish you enjoy the FABULOUS ROMANIAN BRAINS WHO CHANGE THE WORLD !!!

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