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Father Arsenie Boca – manhood and holiness

Father Arsenie Boca – manhood and holiness, painter of souls

Arsenie Boca - Father Arsenie Boca - manhood and holiness

Arsenie Boca – Father Arsenie Boca – manhood and holiness – photo website source:

Confessor and holiness entered into legend, lived spiritual high, but great scholar, theologian and painter of icons, “Father Arsenie Boca was a unique phenomenon in the history of Romanian monasticism” (D. Stăniloae). Moved away from just before the collapse of the old communist regime (which is said that prophesied), Father Arsenie rests under the Cetin of Prislop monastery where he was first banished by the communists and which ended up become his soul fireplace. His paths traces remain undeleted from the Romanian Orthodox spirituality, sanctifying all the places to parade, in Fagaras in Haţeg in Bucharest and Sinaia. “From how many people I met who worked in the Church – Father Teofil Paraian confesses, his too worthy  spiritual disciple – reckon that Father Arsenie Boca was the peak, peak dwellers and the advocates of our contemporaries.”


On May 10, 1929, in the “Avram Iancu” schoolyard from Brad, Head of the class of graduates from that year, the young Zian Boca plant in festive setting, an oak that came to be called by all those present decision, “Gorunul lui Zian”. Who was born in the heart of Transylvania, in Vata de Jos, close to Tebea, which ensure “Gorunul lui Horea” committed a symbolic gesture that only today we can all weigh in its significance: not far from the great martyr of holm history our nation sits sessile him that would be under the religious name of Arsenie (from greek: “the full manhood”), the great charismatic witness of ancestral faith, the middle and against the grain of a “mad century”.

After he will study theology and fine arts, but also will study with passion Medicine courses, Boca Zian will become celibate deacon in 1935, and in 1939 will take the path of Athos, where he spent three months preparing for monasticism. It is said that there should be given a stern confessor, who said: “You, you are not able to do anything! At sweeping you are not good!” at this words The young man and said to himself: “This is for me, at this I will stand!”Since early youth feels he assumed vocation of the man who later would proclaim: “Well, not everyone in the world will be destroyed, not everyone in the monastery are saved… Some monks are not monks, but religious clothes pegs. If you want to be a monk, be like fire!”


He became monk at Sambata de Sus monastery, in the summer of that year, and next year to be tonsured monk and begin what was called “spiritual revival movement from Sambata”, that “huge spiritual vortex” in front of which a Nichifor Crainic exclaim: “What a elevating times when all the Avram Iancu land move in pilgrimage, singing with snow up to his chest, to Sambata de Sus, the Ruler founded martyr [Constantin Brancoveanu].” In parallel, brings needful manuscripts from St. Mount Athos and dwelling beside Father Dumitru Staniloae will be a true founder of the Romanian Philokalia, which will carry the cover. On the background of this spiritual effervescence, he wrote to a former high school classmate: “I harnessed to the chariot of an little hard ideal: Man turning into Man, the younger son of God and brother of His eldest Son. But all high ideals have into themselves a paralyzing them: not let you get concerned about the nothingness of this life.”
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