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National Library of Romania, the new building in Bucharest, District 3

National Library of Romania, the new building in Bucharest, District 3 – short history and other informations

Short history of the National Library

National Library of Romania, the new building in Bucharest, District 3

National Library of Romania, the new building in Bucharest, District 3

The most important chapter of the National Library biography can be considered 1955 when it was founded (by HCM no. 1193 / 06.25.1955) State Central Library as the main public library of the country, an institution created on the basis of modern librarianship, having specific duties national library, according to UNESCO standards.
Immediately after the collapse of communism at the beginning of January 1990 the State Library became the National Library, following the decision taken by the new government, and after Romania entered the European Union this develop his functions, is actively involved in numerous projects national and international as TELplus, Manuscriptorium, Rediscover, etc.
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A short presentation from the Official website

National Library of Romania is a cultural institution under the Ministry of Culture.
National Library administers the national cultural heritage publications (books, periodicals), manuscripts, rare books, incunabula, maps, photographs, audio-visual materials and electronic documents.


To meet its essential mission to provide quality access to its collections many generations of today and the future – for research, study or information – National Library has a duty to acquire, process, preserve and capitalize all the documents of the national heritage.
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Head office
Ion Ghica Street no. 4
District 3, Bucharest
+4 021 314 24 34;
+4 021 314 24 33;
+4 021 315 70 63
Fax: 021 312 33 81
Schedule: Daily 8.30-20
Monday and Saturday: 9-17

Special Collections
Biserica Amzei Street no. 5-7
District 1, Bucharest
Phone:+4 021 212 83 09
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8-16
Tuesday, Thursday: 12-20

Branch “Batthyaneum” (Alba-Iulia)
Bibliotecii Street. no.1
2500 Alba Iulia
Phone: +4 0258 81 7:39 p.m.
Fax: 0258 81 54 34

Branch “Omnia” (Craiova)
Mihail Kogalniceanu Street no.17
1100 Craiova
Phone: 0251 25 1:47 p.m


Reading rooms

The HALL “MARTHA BIBESCU” – Second Floor Headquarters (UNESCO publications Fund, European Union publications Fund)
The HALL “GHEORGHE BRATIANU” – Second Floor Headquarters (tourism, archeology, geography, genealogy, Archives)
The HALL “DIMITRIE GUSTI” – Second Floor Headquarters (philosophy, psychology, religion, sociology, youth issues, politics, military, sports)
The HALL “MIRCEA DJUVARA” – Second Floor headquarters (as in general international law, administrative law, criminal law, civil law, commercial law)
The HALL “PAMFIL SEICARU” – The third Floor Headquarters (periodicals and weekly newspapers of general information)
The HALL “PIERRE LAROUSSE” – The third Floor Headquarters (general reference works, encyclopedias, national bibliography)
The HALL “VIRGIL MADGEARU” – The third Floor Headquarters (statistics, demography, political economy, economic theory, finance, economic policy, trade, social security management)
The HALL “Preda” – The third Floor Headquarters (civilization, culture, ethnography, folklore, art cinema, theater, linguistics, literature)
The HALL “HENRY COANDA” – Floor III Headquarters (exact sciences, medicine, engineering, agriculture, architecture)
The HALL “SIMIONESCU DAN” – The third Floor Headquarters bibliologic cabinet)
The HALL “AL-SAINT GEORGE” – headquarters of the Special Collections (cartography, art, old books, old serials)
The HALL”GEORGE ENESCU” – Headquarters of the Special Collections (hall, music)
VIDEO HALL – Special Collections Headquarters (Hall video documents for consultation)

For details, please visit the website National Library of Romania:
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National Library of Romania, the new building in Bucharest, District 3 – short history and other informations.

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