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Petrache Poenaru, the fountain pen inventor

Petrache Poenaru, the fountain pen inventor photo credit:

Petrache Poenaru, the fountain pen inventor photo credit:

Romanian Petrache Poenaru, the fountain pen inventor

Petrache Poenaru was a great patriot, scholar, inventor, mathematician, physicist, educator, a great personality of his time. He was born in Banesti (Nicolae Balcescu today) village, Valcea county in 1799, january 10. After the secondary Obedeanu school from Craiova city, become copyist at the office of the Ramnicu Valcea bishop.

In those days were great political turmoil, the Romanians trying to escape the Turkish domination and Phanariot Greek persecution. There was a Romanian eliberation movement against the Greeks very loyal to the Otoman sultan who burdened the country with numerous taxes and an expensive and corrupt royal court.

The leader of revolution was Tudor Vladimirescu, man from Oltenia region named himself Dacian who gathered an army of Oltenian soldiers called Panduri and moved towards Bucharest to overthrow the foreingn royal leadership enemy.

Petrache Poenaru studied in Paris, Wien and later has completed his specialized studies in England where he had the opportunity to participate to the inauguration of the first railway in the world, the railroad linking Liverpool to Manchester.

He studied Topography and Geodesy graduating the Polytechnic School of Paris. Born with very large native intelligence he could speak Greek, Latin, French, Italian and English, being a huge personality of his time. Petrache Poenaru has many fields activity as a engineer, mathematician, inventor, physicist, politician, member of Romanian Academy (1870), teaching Topography, Bridges and Roads Engineering and also, Architecture.

Petrache Poenaru introduced the decimal metric system in Romania and he was a teacher in Bucharest at Saint Sava College. He dedicated himself to the Romanian education system publishing Algebra and Geometry courses and established them in the rural public schools ouside the capital city.

Petrache Poenaru’s invention was registered with the code number 3208 and the description ”plume portable sans fin, qui s’alimente elle-meme avec de l’ancre” (“never-ending portable pen, which recharges itself with ink”). This invention prevented paper scratches, ink leaks and was made of replaceable parts.

The patriot Petrache Poenaru during the revolution from 1821, according to some witnesses of the time, he has invented even the tricolor national flag. The chronicles of the time wrote that Vladimirescu’s revolutionaries had a flag that was red, yellow and blue and that it had been designed by Poenaru. He died in Bucharest aged 76, year of 1875, at october 2.
That’s the story of the fountain pen inventor Petrache Poenaru.

Romanian Petrache Poenaru, the fountain pen inventor.

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