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Photo old center of the Bucharest

Some of the photos from the old center of the Bucharest

Photo old center of the Bucharest

Photo old center of the Bucharest

Photo old center of the Bucharest. We took some pictures with some important buildings from the center of Bucharest. In the period when Bucharest has been called “little Paris”, the architecture was almost the same like in France. You can see the resemblance in the photos. Cismigiu Garden is a quiet romantic place, close to the center of the city and was open in 1854 by Gheorghe Bibescu  the Voivode. The Viennese  peisagist, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Meyer, has arranged the park being brought about 30,000 trees and shrubs around the city, and ornamental plants from Brasov and Vienna .The park is full of legends. Many important people of those  times, ladies and young men, writers, officers, actors, poets, were having  rendez-vous in this park as it was the main promenade of the city. The lake with little boats floating makes you feel  like in a fairy tale. After 1910 the architect F. Rebhun contributed to the current view of the park, arranged the central ground in the form of an unbroken carpet of alleys, completing it with linden trees plantation vertical elements and created many roses gardens. Today it is a park for people in love, many young couples find the taste of the first french kiss.

The Romanian Athenee (1888), built in Bucharest, it’s a concert Hall and was designed by the French architect Albert Galleron, supervised by French Opera architect Charles Garnier, the author of  the Opera Garnier from Paris .

The C.E.C. Bank   Palace  designed by the architect Paul Gottereau, was made with specific elements of French architecture from the late nineteenth century. The C.E.C. Bank Palace, finished in 1900, was one of the most modern buildings, back then, with glass dome and metal modules .

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