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Restaurants and food, recipes pies, Chisinau, Moldova

Restaurants and food – where to eat – Chisinau, Moldova – brief informations recipes pies

Cheese pie - Restaurants and food, recipes pies, Chisinau, Moldova

Cheese pie – Restaurants and food, recipes pies, Chisinau, Moldova – photo source:

The restaurant is the place where we relax and getting ready to serve dinner in a pleasant atmosphere with the family members. Moldova, especially Chisinau offers for the tourists and those who are just passing by on this important city of the country a rich offer of restaurants for breakfast, lunch food, dinner with the important people that make part of your life. Some of the restaurants that we have to recommend are: Hanu lu Vasile, 2 Haiduci, Vatra Veche, La Taifas, Salcioara, Vatra Neamului,Vatra  Neamului , and so on.

Almost every restaurant offers a traditional menu that will include an important traditional drink: the wine, have a rustic design, traditional. Some of these restaurants have just one level, others have one more floors. Some restaurants can offer playgrounds for children, others can enjoy traditional Moldavian music, in others you can serve international food as well:
Romanian, Bulgarian,Russian.
Clearly regardless of which restaurant you will choose the food and the mirth will be always present!

Pies and other dishes prepared in house manual

Pie is a cuisine made from dough stuffed with cheese, meat, fruit or vegetables. Pies are attested throughout the country but particularly in Romania and Moldova, a country where they have grown to be very popular. It is known a large number of recipes for preparing pie soup simple dough composition, yeast, mineral water, beer, and so on, after filling of doing – with cheese, buffalo cheese, sheep cheese with cheese, potato pies, pies with cabbage, fried, fruit, pumpkin pies, vegetables, pies or pies sweet post. The shape can be round, square or rectangular, can be long or short, they can be made from a sheet – Varzari, or more sheets, etc.

They are certified to ethnic communities inhabiting the pies are prepared and in  Moldavia , Bucovina, Maramures and Ukraine . Our ancestors pies prepared to celebrate only the peasant families. Today they are an everyday food and celebration.

Leading pies Moldavian is appreciated with cheese pie so-called “poale’n brau”. There are some regional and seasonal differences. Summer, autumn greens are pies (“weeds”) with beet leaves, dill, cheese; tailed green onion, dill, cheese; fruit – so-called “Varzari” that in the past they were baked on the hearth oven. Varzarele are made from a single sheet with fruits, pumpkin and bake in the oven. The traditional form of pie is round. Pie Road stretching well as the paper, grease, oil, butter, folded in the envelope more, place filling and given a round shape. Bake pies in the oven. Their variety is great after filling composition after their shape, but also by who are ready – housewives in rural communities, the public food establishments – cafes, canteens, restaurants, etc.

Other traditional Moldavian dishes would be: homemade pasta, ravioli or dumplings stuffed with handmade cheese or meat or vegetables. The list of desserts can be passed compotes and jams. Also desserts with honey as the main ingredient can not be lightly dismissed. Moldovan bio food restaurants offer the best quality at a very good price. We welcome you to visit us and have a meal prepared with love!

Restaurants and food – where to eat – Chisinau, Moldavia – brief informations recipes pies.


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