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Romania the most beautiful country in the world

Romania country of my soul, places and info

Violet Flowers, Mountain Ceahlau

Violet Flowers, Mountain Ceahlau

Maybe it sounds  a little bit strange: Romania the most beautiful country in the world, but with the right  leaders, this country could become as the title says. Romania has all forms of relief: Mountains, wild sea side area, Black Sea beaches, plateaus, valleys, meadows, plains, also has rivers, marshes, has  rivers and  Danube delta, has mud volcanoes, glacial lakes or caves, underground icebergs. There is a large variety of plants and animals. In the mountains you can find bears, lynxes, squirrels, foxes, wolves, grouse. Referring to flora, here we can find a large variety of plants and flowers. According  to, if we talk only about  the Orchids family, they are the most diverse and popular, containing  over 30,000 species and 200,000 hybrids. This is the reason why Romania can be considered, as a whole, a huge botanical garden of orchids.

Do you know that ?
– in Romania there is  the  biggest  underground  iceberg  in the  world,120000 cubic  meters ,placed in Alba County, Scarisoara Cave;
– the only  merry  cemetery in the world it’s in Maramures County, Romania;
– Romania is the country with the richest gold resources;
– in Bucharest is the biggest building in Europe, second in the world, but is unfinished yet;
– 1884 Timisoara was the first city in Europe illuminated by electric power;
– Anghel Saligny was the first  architect  in  the  world who  designed the  building  at  Braila  and  Galati  of  reinforced  concrete  silos  for  cereals ;
– Bucharest was the first city in the world illuminated with oil in 1858;
– the scientist  Henri Coanda built the first jet in the world in 1910;
– in 1885, the  Romanian  doctor Victor Babes  writes the first treaty of bacteriology in the world
– Romania it s the first country in the world with oil production recorded statistically 1857 ( the first oil extraction took place in 1840 );
– 1952 Ana Aslan founded  the Geriatric Institute in Bucharest, the first in the world;
Romanian game OINA inspired baseball in America;
– 1827 the Romanian  academician Petrache Poenaru invented the reservoir pen;
– the only Gold Museum in Europe it’s in Brad, Romania;
– Romania has the biggest number of Brown Bear from Europe;
– the largest rock  ( mountain )sculptured in Europe is in Romania, the statue (the head ) of Decebal, DACIA’s King
– The  oldest  metal  furnace in the world was  discovered in APUSENI  Mountains , Campeni Village, ALBA  County ,ROMANIA .It’s  been  attested  about  6000 years B.C.

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