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Romanian cuisine, Traditional recipes, Romanian food

Romanian traditional cuisine, Recipes for traditional dishes, Romanian food with national specific


Cabbage with chilli stuffed in pumpkin, credit photo:

Cabbage with chilli stuffed in pumpkin, credit photo:

Sosuri (Romanian)  –  Sauces , Gravies
Carnati (Romanian)  – Sausages  Stuffed Peppers – A food product prepared from minced meat and spices, inserted in the intestines of pigs, sheep or in a coating of synthetic material, Plescoi sausages, Buzau county – Plescoi village area.
Caltabos (Romanian) – specific to Christmas time meal, made of ground meat & rice inserted in fresh intestines of pig, boiled dish, Pork offal sausage made with rice mixed with ingredients.

Ciulama (Romanian food) that represent a Food (poultry, mushrooms, etc.) with thick and white sauce made of flour or  sour  cream and boiled
Supe  (Romanian) SoupsPerisoare – Meatballs soup
Ciorba  de  burta  – Sour Tripe soup
Supa de taitei  casa cu gaina / cocos  de tara –  Traditional  Country style soup & homemade noodles.
Bors de  crap  – Fish soup – Carp  borscht  – Carp borsh

· Coils
· Coliva (Romanian) (In Orthodox religious practices) boiled wheat mixed with sugar and crushed walnuts and garnish with powdered sugar candy and which is divided remembrance of the dead at funerals and memorial services. Very tasty!
· Drob (Romanian) is a Prepared meals of offal minced lamb wrapped in caul and put in the oven,Cuisine prepared for Easter Eve .
· Frigarui (Romanian)  – Barbecue
· Ghiveci (Romanian)  –  Hotchpotch / is a Food prepared from all kinds of vegetables, with or without meat.
· Iahnie (Romanian) –  is a Lower dish prepared from vegetables (especially beans), fish or meat.
· Lebar (Romanian)  –  The Lebar  ( made of over 50% fresh pork liver -served  cold ) – is a preparation that is easily and quickly made at any time of year, even if you do not have pig in your backyard. It is something like liver pate with intense taste of liver. It can be made from beef liver, but most of the time it is made with pig liver.
· Limba cu masline (Romanian) / Tongue with olives
· Mamaliga (Romanian) / Polenta  is a food prepared from corn flour (less millet, buckwheat, etc.) boiled in water plus and salt as needed.
· Mititei (Romanian) / Romanian  burger, tubular  form  –  Grilled minced meat rolls. Sausages made from minced meat mixed with various spices, eaten grilled.
·  Musaca (Romanian) / Moussaka is a Food prepared from minced meat and eggplant slices, potato or zucchini, stacked in alternating layers and baked in the oven.
· Ostropel (Romanian) / A sort of Stew. Dish prepared with meat (poultry), with vinegar sauce, flour and garlic.
· Papricas (Romanian) / Paprika is a Dish made with sauce from pieces of meat and potatoes cooked with plenty of paprika.
· Pastrama (Romanian) / Pastrami / Salt meat. Food preparations of meat (mutton, pork, etc.) preserved by salting, smoking, drying and seasoning.
· Parjoale (Romanian) / Minced meat croquette. Prepared food minced meat, with the addition of egg and spices, which is shaped cake and that fry in fat.
· Pilaf (Romanian) / Pilau.  Food of rice (or barley), usually cooked with meat (meat of poultry, sheep or pig) or vegetables, mushrooms, etc.
· Piftie (Romanian) / Pig’s trotters. Food prepared from meat, bones and cartilage (pork) cooked in a broth long time (with garlic), which, after cooling, coagulates and becomes gelatinous.
· Plachie (Romanian) / Fish food prepared with plenty of onions and long oil, browned in the oven. A kind of pilaf rice dishes or cared, meat, fish, mushrooms or just fat.
· Rasol (Romanian) / Quickie. The dish prepared from boiled beef or fish, cooked in salted water (with various ingredients).
· Saramura (Romanian) / Brine. To introduce (for a time) in brine food (meat, vegetables etc.), to preserve them.

Stuffed polenta, credit photo:

Stuffed polenta, credit photo:

· Sarmale (Romanian) Meat dishes minced  with rice and mixed with other ingredients wrapped in cabbage leaf, vine etc. in the form of rolls.
· Slanina (Romanian)/ Bacon. Layer of fat between the skin and the flesh of swine; hand, this piece of fat, preserved and prepared the food (with salt or paprika or smoked) or melts, becoming fat. This fat dishes prepared and used as food.
· Toba /Filled fresh pork stomach,traditional Romanian native delicacy which looks like a wide,4 inch diameter using pig’s stomach,stuffed with pork jelly,liver,kidneys,tongues,ears,longs,spleen and fresh skin suspended in aspic.Prepared from pieces of meat sausage, bacon, bowels introduced into the fresh natural pig membrane of stomach.After boiling with spicy s  the dish / meal will be served cold as appetizer.
· Tochitura (Romanian) Called also melt dishes, traditionally made during pig slaughter of fatty meat finely chopped, roasted onions in the pan, with the appearance of stew (cracklings lard melt). As a Romanian gastronomic specialty, is made of small pieces of pork, organ and sausages, pan fried, served with polenta lining, mesh and grated cheese on top.
· Urs de mamaliga / Bulz. Bear (or Bulzul, Lumps) is a dish of polenta, Romanian specific food, prized by shepherds, prepared from polenta well boiled and fat cheese of sheep.
· Varza calita (Romanian) / Cooked cabidge. The recipe for cabbage with allspice and bay, low well-baked, with the option of “central heating” (hot chilli) Only good for winter days!
· Zacusca (Romanian) / Zacusca is a true delight. Zacusca is a dish of fresh vegetables, baked or fried, found in several countries in the Balkans, countries that include also Romania on the list. The ingredients are baked eggplant, baked Bell peppers and chopped onion. It may also be added tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, etc. Is a traditional food that housewives preparing at the beginning of the each fall.

Condimente si Salate (Romanian) / Condiments and salad

· Ardei copti (Romanian) / Baked peppers. Salad of roasted red bell pepper. Roasted peppers with olive oil, vinegar, sugar and garlic. Kapia roasted peppers. Romanian salads to steaks.
· Bors (Romanian) / Borsch. Sour liquid prepared from wheat bran and corn is poured boiling water, then allowed to ferment at 24-26°C, used for soups soured. Traditional soup from Eastern European countries including Romania, cooked with various vegetables, with or without meat or fish soured with broth.
· Muraturi (Romanian) / Pickles. Pickles peasant carrots, bell peppers, green tomatoes, cauliflower, cucumbers. Vegetables or fruit fermented in brine or vinegar.
· Mujdei (Romanian) Food preparations of garlic, water (and vinegar) and salt, which serves as added to some foods.
· Salata de boeuf (Romanian and French) / Salad boeuf. Boeuf salad is a traditional Romanian dish derived from Russian salad called Olivier. It is a dish that accompanies Romanians meals on the festive occasions.
· Salata de vinete (Romanian) / Eggplant salad. Eggplant salad is very healthy and contains many vitamins and minerals. Bake the eggplants in their skins, unpeel the skin, chop finely, clean dry onion, finely chop the onion, prepare the mayonnaise from egg yolks and mustard. Mix and get eggplant salad.
· Salata de icre / Fish Eggs salad. To prepare fish eggs we need: eggs of fish (carp, crucian carp), oil, mineral water, lemon and some chopped onion and salt. You can add and crumb and semolina boiled.
· Salată de sfecla (Romanian) / Beet Salad. Beet salad with horseradish for the cold period. The beet is the one that gives the flavor to the salad, and horseradish clean the palatine vault and enhances the taste food.
· Salata orientala (Romanian) / Oriental salad. Classic oriental potato salad with boiled eggs, olives and onion.

Branza (Romanian) / Cheese

Sheep Cheese – Melted CheeseCurd – Pressed CheeseTelemea (Romanian) Feta cheese is a kind of Romanian, made from cow’s milk, buffalo or sheep.  – Urda (Romanian) Urda is a dairy product dietary fantastically good for your figure. It has a tiny amount of fat, has a low caloric intake, and above all this, will provided to you a lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for a healthy and balanced diet.

Dulciuri (Romanian) / Sweets

· Clatite / Pancakes – Finetti and strawberry pancakes, pancakes with milk, pancakes with chocolate sauce, pancakes with apple jam, pancakes with plum jam, pancakes with cherry jam, pancakes with cherry jam, pancakes with quince jam.
· Crema de zahar ars (Romanian) / Creme brulee
Cozonac / Sponge Cake. The Sponge Cake is a traditional Romanian cake traditionally cooked on Easter and Christmas.
· Gogoasa / Donut. Donut is a product round os pastry made of dough and fried in fat, sprinkle sugar over.
· Papanasi / Handmade donut, circle, ring form, are kind of sweet dessert made from cottage cheese, eggs, flour, meal, bread crumbs and sugar. They are normally served with cream and jelly and jam, but serving and sprinkle with sugar. Papanasi  are a traditional dessert.
· Placinta / Pie. The pie is a pastry made from prepared dough sheets, between which is placed a filling of cheese, meat, potatoes, cabbage, pumpkin, fruit or chocolate, and baked or roasted in the oven tray.
· Lapte de pasare / Ile Flottante – The Bird Milk is a very soft kind food from desserts category. He is a fine vanilla cream obtained by boiling the egg yolk with sugar, milk and vanilla.
· Lipie / Pita bread. The Pita bread is round or oval, slightly raised or flat, usually unleavened dough made of flour of various cereals.
· Sfintisori / Saints. The Saints or Moldovan martyrs are a pastry traditional Romanian cuisine. Are prepared for the Commemoration of the 40 Martyrs of the Sevastia Armeniei on March 9.
· Varzar / Placinta cu Varza / Cabbage Pie. Cabbage Pie dough sweet baked plain flour, water and yeast and filling of cabbage with a little oil, broth and dill.

Bauturi / Beverages

Afinata / Blueberry liqueur · Caisata / Apricot liqueur · Ciresata / Cherry liqueur · Palinca / Brandy · Rachiu / Slibovita ,Banat county –  generic names of various natural spirits obtained by distilling wine, fruit juices fermented grain or synthetic diluting alcohol with water (and species) without added sugar syrup; brandy
· Turt / The Turt is an alcoholic beverage specific area around the village flattened Satu Mare. The drink is a vodka and brandy or brandy called specific fruit most often plum. This drink is obtained by double distillation. · Palinca  / Tuica / Plum brandy · Visinata / Sour Cherry liqueur · Zmeurata / Raspberry liqueur. Socata / Refreshments made from elderflower, sugar, lemon and water.

Romanian traditional cuisine, Recipes for traditional dishes, Romanian food with national specific.

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