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Salina Turda was ranked by Business Insider as the most beautiful underground

Salina Turda was ranked by Business Insider as the most beautiful underground place in the world

Image above -  Rudolf Mine

Image above – Rudolf Mine

Salina Turda is a salt mine located in Durgau-Valea Sarata / Salted Valley area of Turda, Cluj County, Romania. Turda the second largest city in Cluj County, Romania. Since its opening in 1992, Salina Turda has been visited by about 2 million Romanian and foreign tourists. Salina Turda was ranked by Business Insider as the most beautiful underground place in the world. Likewise, Salina Turda is ranked 22 among the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world.


History about Salina Turda

Salt was first extracted here during the antiquity and the mine continuously produced table salt from the Middle Ages (the mine being first mentioned in 1075) to the early 20th century (1932).

The first document that speaks explicitly about the existence of a salt mine in Turda dates from 1 May 1271, being issued by the Hungarian chancellery. Documents reserved from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries that refer to the Turda salt mines mention that salines were arranged in Baile Sarate / Salted Baths microdepression and on the south-eastern slope of the Valea Sarata / Salted Valley.
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Tourism Mine

Franz Josef Gallery

It was built between 1853-1870, it is a horizontal gallery made to cut the costs of salt conveyance to the surface. When it was finished it was 780 meters long, but till the end of the 19th century it was afurthered by 137 meters reaching the length of 917 meters. The sterile area (dug in the earth)is 526 meters long and it is strengthened with a 40cm thick stone wall. On the left side of the wall is marked the length of it. The electrical system was installed in 1910. Between 1948-1992 it was used as a cheese storage room.  During this time the water and waste pipes were installed.On the left wall of the gallery are placed pickets with equidistance of 10 fathoms.As tourist enter the in the mine the underworld reveal its  wonders.


Playgrounds and recreation - Rudolf Mine

Playgrounds and recreation – Rudolf Mine

Rudolf Mine

The Rudolf Mine is 42 meters deep, 50 meters wide and 80 meters long. The Rudolf Mine is the last mine from Turda where salt was exploited from. 172 steps lead to the heart of this magnificient Mine. Heading to the heart of the mine, on the walls is carved  the year in which the salt was exploited. On the N-W side of the sealing salt stalactites can be admired that formed through the years. They grow about 2 cm / year and when they reach the length of about 3 meters, due to their own weight, they break.The panoramic lift offers turists a whole picture of the Rudolf Mine.


Terezia Mine

Terezia Mine photo Salina Turda

Terezia Mine photo Salina Turda

It is a cone shaped mine ( mini bell). The exploition of salt from this type of chamber leaves the underworld with an impressive view. This mine is 120 meters deep. The salt cascade, the underground lake and a bloom of salt stalatites help in the decoration of this huge underground bell. The underground lake is between 0.5 and 8 m deep. In the center of the lake there is a 5 m high island, what is composed of salt waste dumped in here since 1880, date when mining was stopped in this room.


Anton Mine

This mine is 108 m deep and the salt extraction was discontinued  in this room in 1862 due to the fact that the salt had a high level of clay. It is an isolated room with no connections to the other galleries from the Salt Mine from Turda.


Iosif Mine-Echoes Room

The Josef Mine can be visited through the balconies carved in salt and it is located next to the Franz Josef Gallery. This mine is a conical chamber of 112 meters deep with 67 meters at the base. A description of this mine from 1853 reads: “… mine where you first dropped in a basket, the ropes may have a depth of 50 fathoms. It has a perfectly shaped loaf belonging, which the mouth is lined up at a timber below begins to open and keeps expanding until the bell, leave the salt flat plate with a diameter of about 30 fathoms ….” (Hetilap, 1853, p. 275)
Because its shape and lack of communications with the other major mining points this mine has a powerful sound echo reason why it is also called “Echoes Room”.

The Crivac Room

The octagonal room hosts a winch called “crivac” or “gepel”. The “Crivac” was exploited by horse power and served for the vertical transport of the salt from the Rudolf mine. On the Crivac is marked the date that it was built in-1881. This machine replaced another, smaller size crivac, what was installed in 1864. It is the only machine of its kind in Romania and probably Europe. It is unique because it is in its original shape and location.


The Extraction Shaft Room

This room hosts a mining shaft through which the salt from the Rudolf Mine was transported vertically. The pulley tower shaft was mounted in 1864.The pulleys have a diameter of 3 m and are functioning even today.


Swimming Pool

Indoor swimming pool Turda is located at 50 m after Municipal Stadium.
Size: length- 25 m; width -12.5; depth-gradulally increasing from 1,2 m to 1,8 m
Capacity: 60 people at once
The pool is divided into 5 lanes, each one provided with a blockstart.
The water temperature: 26-28 °C
General temperature(air): 30-32 °C
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The Crivac Room - Salina Turda

The Crivac Room – Salina Turda

The ceiling of the Rudolf Mine

The ceiling of the Rudolf Mine

Terezia MIne seen from above

Terezia MIne seen from above

Sanctuary - Statue of Virgin Mary in Salina Turda Ocna

Sanctuary – Statue of Virgin Mary in Salina Turda Ocna

Rudolf Mine part of the Salina Turda

Rudolf Mine part of the Salina Turda

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