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Ski resorts in Romania: Sovata, Izvorul Muresului, Vartop, Toplita

Ski resorts in Romania: Sovata resort, Izvorul Muresului resort, Vartop resort, Toplita resort informations

Resorts where you can ski in Romania are in different regions of the country. From Muntenia up to Moldova and Transylvania. Some sky slopes are for beginners, but are also sky slopes for the average or for the advanced ones. Check this articles to find out more about sky slopes in our country!

Sovata resort

Sovata resort lake - Photo credit:

Sovata resort lake – Photo credit:

Sovata is a resort for all seasons, recognized at European level since 1850. The lakes with chlorinated water and soda – and sludge of them – have therapeutic properties for a variety of disorders, especially for gynecological diseases. Surrounded by wooded hills with beech, hornbeam, elm, chestnut, fir and oak trees, and the Salt Mountain / Muntele de Sare (Romanian), the resort offers excellent opportunities for rest and relaxation. The climate is subalpine, with cool summers and mild winters.


The most popular route is the Sovata resort surrounding lakes. Following this route, you can reach quickly the Salt Mountain. Other popular destinations are the Cireselu Peak or Saca Hill. There are also longer routes, for those who like hiking. A list of routes from Gurghiu Mountains; eight of these routes pass through Sovata you find accesing the website of the Sovata resort.
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Izvorul Muresului resort / The Mures Spring resort

The Mures Spring / Izvorul Muresului, Harghita county, Credit photo:

The Mures Spring / Izvorul Muresului, Harghita county, Credit photo:

The Mures Spring is a mountain resort at the foot of the Hasmasului Mare (Romanian) / High Hasmas (1,793 m) on the southern slope of Negru Mountain / Black Mountain (1,538 m) leisure resort which has received its name from the source of the Mures river, located within the village. The railway station is the highest point (850 m) circular track that runs through the Szeklerland / Secuime. On DN 12 is 45 km from Miercurea-Ciuc and 23 km from Gheorgheni, at the watershed of the basin Mures and Olt. The Mures Spring is a town that has specific row houses lined on the national road, a youth recreation center of national fame. Gheorghieni side is known as the “Marosnyíre”. Capalna located on near the Mures headwaters was built by Father Ebner Jena’. According to the census of 1992 has 801 inhabitants.

DN 12, main street is parallel to the Mures riverbed and only pass over a place called Poiana Popii / Glade Priest. Immediately after this bridge, at west begins Nature Reserve “Dupa Lunca / After Meadow. The swamp After Meadow sits found at the confluence of Mures river, stream Senetea and brook Ponce, at west of DN 12 at 2 km from any human village is a nature site of a protection area. It has a total area of ​​40 hectares with a thick layer of peat between 2-3 m.

The Spring of the Mures River is located on the southern slope of Black Mountain. The place in the center of the village, not far from this one, at the foot of the Gretes Mountain, where at an altitude of 866 m there is a small spring is designated by locals as the source of the river – probably from the reason, that it is much easier access by tourists – but experts states that the true springs are above at 1,350 m elevation on the south-west of Negru Mountain / Black Mountain near to the Fagului Peak, and the locals, on the first few km it is known under the variety of names: Varului Brook / Brook Cousin or Baci Creek or Forica Brook, a tributary of Mare Creek / the Great Creek, flows into this one near the railway station. The total length of the river Mures is 803 km, of which 80 km in Harghita county, 768 km in Romania.


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