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Ski resorts & leisure resorts in the Romanian mountains

Ski resorts & leisure resorts in Romania: Ranca, Straja, Rausor, Parang, Sovata, Izvorul Muresului, Vartop. Toplita, Paltinis, Sinaia, Busteni, Predeal, Poiana Brasov, Slanic Moldova

Resorts where you can ski in Romania are in different regions of the country. From Muntenia up to Moldova and Transylvania. Some sky slopes are for beginners, but are also sky slopes for the average or for the advanced ones. Check this articles to find out more about sky slopes in our country!

Ranca Resort / ski, snowboard, skate, Gorj county

Ranca Resort sky, snowboard, skate credit photo:

Ranca Resort sky, snowboard, skate credit photo:

Ranca resort since 1930. It is located in Romania, Gorj County, at a distance of 18.8 km from Novaci city on the national DN 67C road that is also called Transalpina or King’s Road. Ranca resort is situated at an altitude of 1650 m on the southern slope of the Parang Mountains. It has a particularly sporting and touristic potential. Tourists can perform / practice at this resort winter sports: skiing, hiking, recreational and leisure trips. Winter sports take place from October / November to March / April.

Some attractions are Glacial lakes: Rosiile, Calcescu, Mija, Verde Lake / Green Lake, Parang peaks: Crutches / Carja, Mandra, Stoienita, Big Thirsty / Setea Mare, Dreary / Mohorul, Peak Doll / Peak Papusa, High Parang / Parangul Mare and Reservoirs lakes: Vidra, Petrimanul and Yellow / Galbenul that are part of complex Lotru hydro. In the area grow forests of oak, birch, ash trees and the air is very fresh and clean. In the area you will find six ski runs located on the Doll Peak / Papusa Peak and Cornesu Mount. The Ski slopes have varying degrees of complexity. It can be practiced besides skiing and snowboarding also other winter sports such as sledding and ice skating. Because are made available a toboggan run and a skating artificial rink.

Besides winter sports, you can practice hiking trails, ski touring, ATV rides, paragliding, off road, motorcycle, cycling, canyoning, rafting, fishing and hunting, water walking ball, summer tubing.
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Straja resort / ski, Hunedoara county

Sun Plateau - Straja resort, ideal destination for skiing Photo credit

Sun Plateau – Straja resort, ideal destination for skiing Photo credit

The ski slope is located in Straja Mountains Valcan close below the peak of the same name. A place outside the main tourist axis of the homeland. Located in an area about which enough compatriots do not have a good opinion, the miniresort offers those who get there a dream view. Most lie on the backs of enormous descend from Mutu Peak (1,737 m) beyond the end to lift. Their length varies between 1,742m (Plateau Constantinescu) and 519m (Special Slalom). Two of them are nocturnal and installation of artificial snow.

There is a trail suitable for snowboard, ski Canal (1,300 m long), served by ski lift no. 2. it is on a slope northern slopes have snow from November to April. Due to their large number and arrangement of different vertical mountain at Straja can ski even in difficult weather conditions. If you are lucky the sunshine and you will enjoy a splendid view of Retezat Mountains, which is one of the main ridge stretches almost to Uricani. From the upper end of the ski lift, at 1,725m, in five minutes you can climb Peak Mutu, wich in winter is covered with snow blizzard enormous slabs.
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Rausor resort / Transylvania, Hunedoara county

Tourism Rausor resort credit photo:

Tourism Rausor resort credit photo:

The complex alpine of ski Rausor resort is located on the Retezat Massif, between 1,200m and 1,400m altitude, on the northern boundary of the National Retezat Park – the first national park in Romania, established and recognized in 1935. At Rausor you can reach on a road completely paved with two-lane, right maintained in all seasons, at a distance of 30km from the town of Hateg.

You will find accommodation and meals throughout the year. It also the ski slope Rausor has a bar and an equipment rental center. Ski Rausor has a Webcam. Ski Slope Rausorunique ski slope in the Retezat Massif has two ski lifts in length of 350m and 450m respectively, corresponding to a length of about 1200m down the slopes and a difference of a total level of 180m.
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Parang resort

Parang Resort, photo credit:

Parang Resort, photo credit:

Parang resort is located at an altitude of about 1,800 meters, in the eastern part of the Jiu valley, a distance of about 5 km from Petrosani, in Parang, whose tourism potential is particularly high. This location has become in the recent years increasingly popular among tourists, especially among winter sports enthusiasts, due to the present modern ski slopes that has at his disposal.

There is in the mountain resort of Parang 9 Modern ski slopes approved: Ski Slope A, Ski Slope B, Ski Slope Europarang, Ski Slope Under Telescaun, Ski Slope Saivane si Ski Slope C, Ski Slope Pig corridor, Intermediate Chairlift New and Ski Slope Wall of Death, which offers tourists arrived here in winter the possibilitie to practice winter sports. Slopes are designed for both advanced and for beginners, is equipped with lift, lift and installation of floodlights. Although best known for slopes, passable in winter, the resort enjoys an important tourists in summer.
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