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Taga cheese,Romanian Camembert

Taga cheese – Romanian camembert / Transylvania

Napolact Nasal credit photo

Napolact Nasal credit photo

Once upon a time in Transylvania …
I know sounds like a ancient story or fairy tail, but during the occupation of Austrian Empire in Transylvania when the Romanian Peasant was persecuted and oppressed by the hungarian nobles, huns and tatars cruel descendants, it has been a wonderful chance for a miracle.

In a regular place from Cluj county, called Nasal village there is a cave belongs to Taga area. Legend has it that long, Taga land is under the rule of a rich hungarian count.
The hungarian nobleman was very bad and stingy, often leaving to die by starvation Romanian Peasants and their families working on his estate enslaved.

The plan ahead it was to depopulate the area, most of Romanian Peasants who fight for human rights and freedom being persecuted and tortured until exhaustion.  This plan of Romanian depopulation was going to change the majority and be replaced by citizens of the Austrian empire to avoid Romanian Peasant uprisings as Horea Closca and Crisan did, or the great Romanian patriot Avram Iancu.

Then, several farmers from Nasal village, stole curd and think to put something on the table for their children, to not be discovered, they hid into the cave of the village. They left the cheese there, fearing revenge master until one day when one of peasants returned to the grotto to take curd. Great was his surprise when he noticed that despite the smell, taste cheese has become much better, and the color changed to a yellowish reddish in.

With the mercy of God the Peasant had something to put on the family table and the nobleman never find out! Taga cave has over 100 meters long, and on the rock cave lives a bacterium called Brevibacterium Linens, acting in time on cheese. Allowed to mature cheeses are turned on all sides every three days and maintained with brine, under conditions where the temperature and humidity here are constant.

The cave of Taga has a constant temperature about 14 degrees, humidity is between 90 – 95% proper to keep the cheese in the right way and the the process takes over 20 days in the mold acts, resulting Romanian Camembert cave cheese.

Nasal Cheese credit photo

Nasal Cheese credit photo

Once a sommelier brought Taga cheese to an international wine tasting, shoved a contest without saying what it is and what country comes from. Great was the surprise when Taga cheese was declared by jury the best cheese of tasting, people could not believing that health is not a French cheese.

The story is similar to the legend of Italian Gorgonzola cheese, named after the cave area where it was taken from Italy .

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