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Top Waterfalls Romania, The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Romania

Top of The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Romania

Bigar waterfall - Caras Severin county - credit photo:

Bigar waterfall – Caras Severin county – credit photo:

As I say many times to all my friends or tourists, foreign people who visit Romania, I really love my country for its richness and beauty. There are so many amazing places that I can’t write all together, so I should make a kind of Tops about Gorges, Waterfalls, Caves, Underground Icebergs or Castles & Fortresses.

Today I gonna give some tips about the most beautiful waterfalls in Romania, their positioning in territory, village places and counties. The sound of falling water is one of the most healthy element for psychological people relaxation, is beneficial to human health and serenity giving special uploading with positive energy of the turist  visitor body.

Toplita Waterfall

Toplita Waterfall

This technique of watching and hearing, falling water helps for people with anxiety because they are always stressed, running in and out of the city, day by day. The image also has a very important role for the human psyche to the brain filling sound with dreamy picture that helps relax the body and the human mind.

We want to present some of the Romanian waterfalls few of the being like broken from heaven. Our web site tells you welcome friends and we would like let you enjoy some nice pictures & photos. The waterfalls Top is done randomly without any interest to promote a certain part of the country.

1. Bigar waterfall  – Caras Severin county
2. Cailor waterfall – Borsa Mountains
3. Ciucas waterfall – Ciucas Mountains
4. Urlatoarea waterfall  – Busteni area, Prahova county
5. Duruitoarea waterfall – Ceahlau Durau Mountains
6. Vanturatoarea waterfall – Cerna area, Mehedinti county
7. Balea waterfall – Fagaras Mountains
8. Miss waterfall – Stana de Vale, Bihor county
9. Valul Miresei waterfall –  Rachitele village, Cluj county
10. Beusnitei waterfall – Caras Severin county
11. Toplita waterfall – Harghita county
12. Pisoaia waterfall – Vidra village, Apuseni area, Alba county
13. Capra waterfall – Arges county
14. Evantai waterfall – Pauleasa area, Apuseni Mountains
15. Varciorog waterfall – Arieseni village, Apuseni Mountains
16. Lotrisor waterfall – Calimanesti – Caciulata, Valcea county
17. Clocota waterfall –  Geoagiu Bai, Apuseni Mountains
18. Sipotelor waterfall – Trascau Mountains, Alba county
19. Pruncea waterfall – Casoca – Siriu, Buzau  county
20. Valea Spumoasa waterfall – Busteni, Prahova county

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