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Underground Glaciers & Mud Volcanoes in Romania

Underground Glaciers & Mud Volcanoes in Romania – The beauty of Nature

Mud Volcanoes - Paclele Mici & Mari, Buzau county - credit photo

Mud Volcanoes – Paclele Mici & Mari, Buzau county – credit photo

Besides the beautiful mountain ridges beyond their impressive waterfalls drawn from stories, lakes sunsets reflected as in fairy tales, there are so many curiosities of nature, such as underground glaciers and mud volcanoes.

The nature has sculpted with her divine craftsmanship superb relief forms, breathtaking landscapes, admiring them you think are dreaming with open eyes contemplating the exquisite perfection of nature. For today we try to present you dear friends few curiosities like ice caves, underground glaciers and mud volcanoes.

As I usually say we give some tips for travel lovers with summary data, we try to help you locate topics depending on the choice you make to visit some places. We will also post the most beautiful images you find on the internet about these topics and pictures that we have made staff in some places.

We hope you will appreciate the beauty of nature, spiritual treasures of the Romanians and we are happy to share with you the joy of seeing them together.

Underground glaciers

1. Scarisoara Ice Cave – Scarisoara  glacier – Garda de sus village, Alba county
2. Bortig Ice Cave – Pietroasa village, Bihor county
3. Vartop Ice Cave – Arieseni village, Alba  county
4. Focul Viu Ice Cave – Balaleasa – Valea Seaca area, Bihor county .

Mud Volcanoes

1. Paclele Mici & Mari – Berca village, Buzau county
2. Hasag village – Sibiu county
3. Monor – La Gloduri village, Bistrita Nasaud county

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