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Wine and traditional wineries in Moldova

Wine and traditional wineries in Moldova – local wines, success on the international market

Moldova – The Grape Country

Grapes Royal Feteasca - Feteasca Regala - Wine and traditional wineries in Moldova

Grapes Royal Feteasca – Feteasca Regala – Wine and traditional wineries in Moldova – photo source:

Shaped as a bunch of grapes, Moldova is situated in the South-East of Europe, sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania, in the Black Sea basin, where the vine originates. The country has a fragmented relief, with low hills, sunny plateaus and plains, crossed by a lot of streams which flow into the two big rivers, Prut and Dniester. Its climate is moderately-continental with influences from the Black Sea. Located at 46-47˚ latitude, just like other famous wine regions in Europe, the vineyards have a terroir suited for the production of quality red wine, in the southern regions and mainly white wine in the central part of the country.

Moldova has 112 thousand hectares of vineyard planted with over 30 types of technical varieties. There are 4 historical wine regions: Valul lui Traian (south west), Stefan Voda (south east), Codru (center), and Balti (North); first three are destined for the production of wines with protected geographic indication.


Grape Varieties in Moldova

Viticulture in Moldova follows international trends and includes West European, Caucasian and also indigenous grape varieties. Vineyards cover 112 thousand ha planted with Vitis Vinifera, of which 70 % are white varieties (Rkatsiteli, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Aligote, etc.), preponderantly in the Codru zone and 30% are red varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Saperavi, etc.) typical for the southern regions. Aromatic varieties account for 36 % of the vineyards.

The authenticity and uniqueness of Moldovan wines is represented by the indigenous varieties, which account for 10% of the vineyards: Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Regala, Feteasca Neagra, Rara Neagra, Plavai, Viorica, etc.
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Feteasca Alba / White Feteasca is one of the most valuable Romanian and Moldovan grape varieties, with millenary roots. Feteasca Alba / White Feteasca owns the largest vineyard area in Romanian, along with Feteasca Regala / Royal Feteasca, a much newer variety.

Feteasca Alba / White Feteasca the origin supposedly would have been obtained in Moldova, through a meticulous selection of popular Feteasca Neagra / Black Feteasca still from the  Dacian times.

Feteasca Neagra / Black Feteasca is an ancient grape variety native of Romania and Moldova, from which the type of wine of the same name. It is cultivated in various vineyards in Moldova and Muntenia.

The wine can be dry, semi-dry or sweet, with an alcohol content of about 12 to 12.5%. It is a red wine with ruby tints and a black raisin flavor, richer and finer with aging.

The wine history, the occurrence of Feteasca Neagra / Black Feteasca is positioned 2,000 years ago. It is assumed that the origin of this variety is Prut River valley around the village Uricani Iasi County, where seeds were found dating from that period.

Babeasca Neagra / Babeasca Black or Rara Neagra / Rare Black is a very old Romanian variety grape vineyards spread from Moldova, especially in the Nicoresti vineyard. Under the name Neagra Rara / Black Rare is an important component in the blending of the famous wine Purcari, Negru de Purcari / Black of Purcari.

Some wineries from Moldova: Purcari, Cricova, Milestii Mici, Bostavan, Chateau  Vartely and so on…
Wine and traditional wineries in Moldova – local wines, success on the international market.

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